Accessibility is key for logistics. That's why you choose Foodcenter Reijerwaard. To enhance and optimise the access the junction from A15 will be altered. Within Foodcenter Reijerwaard accessibility is secured by smart routing.

Vision for the future

Foodcenter Reijerwaard is constantly developing and changing. This gives an idea of what the area might look like in 10 years.

Public space

The public space is designed and constructed by the partnership Gemeenschappelijke Regeling Nieuw Reijerwaard (GRNR). GRNR is responsible for the realisation of roads, plot accesses, waterfronts and green areas. An impression of the plan can be found here.

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Interactive map

Watch Foodcenter Reijerwaard on this map. You can find other companies from within the foodcenter, as well as available plots and visions for the future.

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Sustainable and innovative

Important values for developing Foodcenter Reijerwaard are sustainability and innovation. By implementing smart solutions for logistics, renewable energy, valorization of waste flows, we ensure a future-proof business park.

Owners Association and Park Management

All plot owners will be jointly represented in de owners association (VVE). Through this association park management will be regulated. The common interests of all owners will be safeguarded this way.

Social return

In developing Foodcenter Reijerwaard, we have a clear social aim.  From this point of view we look into the possibilities of employing people with difficulties finding a job and a distance to the labour market, within park management.

Sharing Knowledge in the Fresh Center

The Fresh Center will be a common knowledge institute and debate and event location for companies from the Foodcenter. The board of the owners association (VVE) and park management will be housed in the Fresh Center. Companies can use this location for, for instance, education of supermarket employees,  development of knowledge, business meetings and product launches.

Fiberglass Internet

The entire site will be provided with a fiberglass internet network. The maintenance of this network will be regulated by the owners association (VVE).

Renewable energy

In Foodcenter Reijerwaard in the future renewable energy will be generated through wind and sun. All plot owners will be shareholder in the production of the energy.

Truck parking

Within Foodcenter Reijerwaard truck parking will be realized. Trucks that have to wait to unload or have to wait to get a new load, but also drivers that have to rest, can use this parking. Options for expanding the parking with a gas station are being explored. From sustainable point of view, ways to combine and optimize logistic flows are being explored as well.