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To provide the expanding of Foodcenter Reijerwaard, provincie Zuid-Holland has completed and finalized the zoning procedure. This means direct construction possibilities for companies. The premises have been formally reserved for agro logistics, agro and food-related businesses, companies operating in the agro logistics, processing industry and food, beverage and tobacco industry in environmental categories varying from 3.1 to 4.1. In addition, they are opportunities for knowledge, information and research and service companies that provide services to the agro/fresh/food logistics activity in the cluster.

You can find the entire zoning plan through this link.

Building percentage

100% of the plot (within zoning regulations) can be used for your own plans. The obligated percentages for water and green areas are integrated on business park level. Please note that your construction plans should include on-site parking solutions.

Permit application

Gemeente Ridderkerk authorizes construction plans. An application can be approved within 5 - 8 weeks, provided that it is within zoning restrictions, complete and correct.


Should you have any questions about zoning, availability or are you interested in the possibilities for your company? Please contact us.

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